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🎬 Movie rating system
A simple heuristic to rate movies based on their viewability and enjoyment


Office Pranks
A list of simple and safe pranks you can pull on your colleagues.

Useful fonts
A list of useful fonts which can be used.

Safe alphanumeric password base
Collection of readable characters to make alphanumeric passwords out of


500 Million, But Not a Single One More
My first attempt at recording a voice-over of an awesome article

Tips when building a PC
A friend asked me what to look out for when building a PC and this is the list

Why you should own your email address?
My write-up on reasons why it is better for you to own your email address.

Challenge Update: Two and a Quarter Books
Update on my 2020 year-end reading challenge

2020: Year in review
A review of the year 2020 for me


Challenge Update: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Update on my 2020 year-end reading challenge

Challenge Update: Around the World in 80 Days
Update on my 2020 year-end reading challenge

2020 End of Year Reading Challenge
I went to a nearby bookstore this week and now taking on a reading challenge

Foie Gras
Summary of what I know about Foie Gras, whose literal translation from French is Fatty Liver