Hi folks, these are the interesting things I found during this week.

The kind of long game that can be played

I am not saying that what is written in this article is morally right, heck it can even be incorrect. But all of us can definitely learn some lessons on the scale of long-term game which can be played.

Charlie Munger and the Pursuit of Worldly Wisdom

I was made aware this week that not everyone is familiar with Charlie Munger. So to correct that, here is a short article on why he is not only one of the best investors in the world, but also one of the best thinkers too.

Indian Financial System Code

During some recent work, I had to deal with users inputting IFS code for their account. I wanted to find out if there is any specified pattern for these codes, and that is how I ended up on this simple Wikipedia page for the same.

PS: I learned that it is to be spoken as “IFS code” and not as “IFSC code”.

Quantum Computer Programming

During one of Twitch raids I came across Twitch office hours session of Dr. Sarah Kaiser. She is an experimental quantum physicist and also works on open-source programs for quantum computers.

You can find her website at https://www.sckaiser.com or join her live on Twitch @crazy4pi314

How are highways designed

This is an awesome video which shows what all factors are taken into consideration when highways (or more generally any roads) are being designed, what constraints dictate the radius of curve or the angle of a slope.

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