Hi folks, these are the interesting things I found during this week.

The Astounding Physics of N95 Masks

Before seeing this video I used to think that N95 masks worked by having the gaps between their fibers be so thin that particulate matter could not cross it. But it is so not the case. Even if you don’t read/see any of the remaining things, still make time to watch this 6 min video. N95 masks are way cooler than I used to think previously.

Window Swap

Feel cooped up in your own home and bored of seeing the same scene outside your window? Try the above website which lets users submit pictures (or ultra-short videos) of scenes from their windows from around the world. It had a calming effect on me. If you can, do submit the scene from your window too (someone might find that captivating).

The World’s Largest Indoor Waterpark

Check out the above video if you want to see how the biggest uninterrupted (no support pillars for the roof) indoor space looks like. It is just a cherry on the top that it happens to be a waterpark, of all things. Fun fact: It is so big to have indoor hot-air balloon rides.

Private Pilot Ground School

If it is your dream too to someday learn to fly planes then this course offered by MIT might be a good way to cover the ground-school part of flight training. They even called some guest experts for extra sessions. My favorite was the one by Lieutenant Colonel Randy Gordon where he explains F-22 flight controls and his experiences in flying fighter jets (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evhrk5tY-Yo).

If you find something interesting and think I should check it out send it over to interesting@varunbarad.com