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Prevent back navigation to login screen
The guide to correct way of preventing back navigation to login screens once user is logged-in

Keep Android screen on When USB is connected
Use the command `adb shell svc power stayon usb`

Write Custom Android Lint Rule - Manifest File
Writing our own custom android lint rules for verifying AndroidManifest file.

Write Custom Android Lint Rule - Layout Files
Writing our own custom android lint rules for verifying layout files.


Testing Deep-Link URLs using ADB
Simple adb command to help you fire deep-link url in mobile from your console.

HTTP Network Requests on Android Pie
Android Pie only allows HTTPS traffic by default & blocks all HTTP requests. You can enable HTTP communication for your API endpoints once you have configured this little thing.

Show/Hide Layout Bounds in Android
A couple of scripts that help to toggle display of layout-bounds on connected Android device using ADB.


Critical mistakes to avoid in Android development
Charlie Munger has said that avoiding to be stupid is more beneficial when compared to trying to be intelligent. So, let's take a look at some mistakes that we can avoid while walking the path of Android development.

Simplifying User-Experience for rating your Android app
Make it easy for your users to rate your Android app.

Check network connectivity on Android in 10 lines
Let's see how simple it is to show correct feedback to user on whether they are connected to the network or not in Android.

Hiding API keys from your Android repository
Learn how to secure your API keys while keeping the source code for that Android app open-source.