📝 Navigate to a path in Mac Finder
| TIL: How to navigate to a given system path without clicking through folders
Contacts Calendar
| A website which lets you export a calendar of important dates from your Google Contacts
Cheatsheet - ffmpeg
| A cheat-sheet for ffmpeg
📝 Most used commands
| TIL: How to view your most used terminal commands on a Mac
📝 wget with custom filename
| TIL: How to download a file with wget to a custom filename
📝 Taking a heap-dump from a running JVM process
| TIL: How to take heap-dump from a running JVM process
📝 Figma styles not present in the API response
| TIL: Why Figma returns empty styles in API and how to fix it
Office Pranks
| A list of simple and safe pranks you can pull on your colleagues.
📝 Authentication with wget
| TIL: How to provide username and password for simple authentication when downloading files using wget
📝 How to make non-capturing groups in RegEx
| TIL: What are non-capturing groups and how we can use them
Useful fonts
| A list of useful fonts which can be used.
📝 India's national aquatic animal
| TIL: India has a species of dolphin as its national aquatic animal.
Safe alphanumeric password base
| Collection of readable characters to make alphanumeric passwords out of
Improvement Roll
| A tiny website to suggest you useful things to do in down-time
📝 List files updated in a git commit
| TIL: How to see a list of files updated in a git commit
📝 Centering elements with CSS
| TIL: How to center (horizontally and vertically) elements with CSS.
Cheatsheet - ImageMagick
| A cheat-sheet for ImageMagick
📝 Resizing images from command-line
| TIL: Resizing images from command-line while centering them and adding a transparent background.
Cheatsheet - YouTube-DL
| A cheat-sheet for YouTube-DL CLI
📝 Comparing two BigDecimal instances
| TIL: Turns out that 7.5.toBigDecimal() and 7.50.toBigDecimal() are not equal
Windows Symlink
| How to create a Linux-like symlink on Windows
500 Million, But Not a Single One More
| My first attempt at recording a voice-over of an awesome article
📝 Castle Under Threat
| TIL: You cannot castle your king in chess if king's path is under threat
📝 Ugh fields
| TIL: What are "ugh fields" and why everyone should atleast know about them.
📝 Opening current terminal command in $EDITOR
| TIL: Ctrl+X followed by Ctrl+E opens the command you are currently editing in your $EDITOR program
Cheatsheet - PostgreSQL
| A cheat-sheet for PostgreSQL database
Tips when building a PC
| A friend asked me what to look out for when building a PC and this is the list
📝 Google gives refresh token only once
| TIL: Google doesn't return refresh token on subsequent authentication after the first one.
📝 JavaScript can "throw" the table
| TIL: JavaScript can throw anything
📝 CSS support for browser dark-mode preference
| TIL: How to support dark-mode preference of browser via CSS
Why you should own your email address?
| My write-up on reasons why it is better for you to own your email address.
Challenge Update: Two and a Quarter Books
| Update on my 2020 year-end reading challenge
2020: Year in review
| A review of the year 2020 for me
Java convert LocalDateTime to Instant using ZoneId
| How to convert from LocalDateTime to Instant using ZoneId without ZoneOffset in Java 8 Time APIs
Cheatsheet - Git
| A cheat-sheet for git CLI
Challenge Update: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
| Update on my 2020 year-end reading challenge
Achievement Unlocked: Finished my first exercise challenge
| I have taken on many exercise challenges in the past but this is the first time I finished one.
Challenge Update: Around the World in 80 Days
| Update on my 2020 year-end reading challenge
Postel's Law
| A good yardstick to increase developer sanity
2020 End of Year Reading Challenge
| I went to a nearby bookstore this week and now taking on a reading challenge
Check if your request body is compressed
| Make sure to know what is the default request body compression setting in your http library is
Techniques to Improve Focus
| How to build your focus muscle when it has atrophied over the years
Interesting Stuff - Week 4
| My weekly newsletter of things I found interesting
Interesting Stuff - Week 3
| My weekly newsletter of things I found interesting
Interesting Stuff - Week 2
| My weekly newsletter of things I found interesting
Interesting Stuff - Week 1
| My weekly newsletter of things I found interesting
Prevent back navigation to login screen
| The guide to correct way of preventing back navigation to login screens once user is logged-in
Foie Gras
| Summary of what I know about Foie Gras, whose literal translation from French is Fatty Liver
Immigration Dead Man's Switch
| How to protect your data and yourself while passing through customs/immigration check
Keep Android screen on When USB is connected
| Use the command `adb shell svc power stayon usb`
Write Custom Android Lint Rule - Manifest File
| Writing our own custom android lint rules for verifying AndroidManifest file.
Write Custom Android Lint Rule - Layout Files
| Writing our own custom android lint rules for verifying layout files.
Dart Extension Methods
| An overview of extension methods in Dart and how they can be useful
P vs NP Algorithm Problem Types
| I finally wrapped my head around the differences between P vs NP vs NP-Complete problems
Record Linux terminal session
| How to record your linux terminal session to work on later.
Sync git fork with upstream
| This is a simple guide on how to sync your fork of a git/github project with upstream changes.
How to add "latest" post redirect to Jekyll site
| I wanted to add a URL to my site which will always redirect the visitor to the latest blog post I have published at that time.
JavaScript 30 - Array Cardio 1
| Day 4 of JS30 challenge, today we worked with various methods on array and I learned one nifty trick of displaying them in console.
JavaScript 30 - CSS Variables
| Day 3 of JS30 challenge where I built an analog clock with CSS and animate its changes using JS and CSS.
JavaScript 30 - CSS Analog Clock
| Day 2 of JS30 challenge where I built an analog clock with CSS and animate its changes using JS and CSS.
JavaScript 30 - Building a Drum Kit
| I started the JavaScript30 challenge from Wes Bos today and learnt how to build a simple drum-kit.
Switching RxJava schedulers between app code and corresponding tests
| A simple way to switch between using appropriate schedulers in app code and using trampoline schedulers for tests.
Make git forget a tracked file
| What to do when you are tracking a file with git but then want to remove it from VCS while keeping it in your file system.
Testing Deep-Link URLs using ADB
| Simple adb command to help you fire deep-link url in mobile from your console.
HTTP Network Requests on Android Pie
| Android Pie only allows HTTPS traffic by default & blocks all HTTP requests. You can enable HTTP communication for your API endpoints once you have configured this little thing.
Don't worry about specializing yet!
| What technologies should I be learning, so that they prove helpful in my career?
Show/Hide Layout Bounds in Android
| A couple of scripts that help to toggle display of layout-bounds on connected Android device using ADB.
Creating a single-file backup of your git repository
| I created a python script which creates a zip-file containing the git-bundle and all the patch-files for different stashed changes in your repository.
How Breathing Works
| Ever wondered how our breathing is regulated? Let me take you on a ride down the wind-pipe.
APGAR score
| A quick method used to check whether a newborn needs immediate medical care.
How anesthetics work
| A post on the different categories of anesthetics and their working mechanisms and differences.
Critical mistakes to avoid in Android development
| Charlie Munger has said that avoiding to be stupid is more beneficial when compared to trying to be intelligent. So, let's take a look at some mistakes that we can avoid while walking the path of Android development.
Simplifying User-Experience for rating your Android app
| Make it easy for your users to rate your Android app.
Check network connectivity on Android in 10 lines
| Let's see how simple it is to show correct feedback to user on whether they are connected to the network or not in Android.
Hiding API keys from your Android repository
| Learn how to secure your API keys while keeping the source code for that Android app open-source.
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
| Here are some things I found noteworthy in the book "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" by Dale Carnegie.