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📝 Remove password from PDF files using qpdf
TIL: If you know the password then you can remove it from PDF files using qpdf

📝 Outputting text with echo without a newline
TIL: How to output text with echo without a newline at the end of it


📝 PostgreSQL: Mark a column non-nullable after creating it
TIL: How to add a not null constraint to an existing column in a PostgreSQL table

📝 PostgreSQL: Make a column unique after creating it
TIL: How to add unique constraint to an existing column in a PostgreSQL table

📝 Avoid .DS_Store files on removable media
TIL: Settings change on Mac to avoid having .DS_Store files being created on USB and Network shares

📝 Recursively remove .DS_Store files
TIL: Shell command to recursively remove .DS_Store files

📝 Custom 404 in Express
TIL: How to return custom response for a 404 in Express on NodeJS

📝 Using emoji as a favicon
TIL: How to write a simple SVG which renders an emoji as a favicon

📝 Save dependency list of your python project to a file
TIL: How to do for python what we get with `dependencies` in npm `package.json`

📝 Map an array of ids in postgres to matching data from another table
TIL: How to map an array in postgres to other data

📝 Counting days between 2 dates in PostgreSQL
TIL: You can use the extract function to find difference in days between 2 dates

📝 Find the first entry in each group
TIL: How to get the first entry from each group given a sort order

📝 Navigate to a path in Mac Finder
TIL: How to navigate to a given system path without clicking through folders

📝 Most used commands
TIL: How to view your most used terminal commands on a Mac

📝 wget with custom filename
TIL: How to download a file with wget to a custom filename

📝 Taking a heap-dump from a running JVM process
TIL: How to take heap-dump from a running JVM process


📝 Figma styles not present in the API response
TIL: Why Figma returns empty styles in API and how to fix it

📝 Authentication with wget
TIL: How to provide username and password for simple authentication when downloading files using wget

📝 How to make non-capturing groups in RegEx
TIL: What are non-capturing groups and how we can use them

📝 India's national aquatic animal
TIL: India has a species of dolphin as its national aquatic animal.


📝 List files updated in a git commit
TIL: How to see a list of files updated in a git commit

📝 Centering elements with CSS
TIL: How to center (horizontally and vertically) elements with CSS.

📝 Resizing images from command-line
TIL: Resizing images from command-line while centering them and adding a transparent background.

📝 Comparing two BigDecimal instances
TIL: Turns out that 7.5.toBigDecimal() and 7.50.toBigDecimal() are not equal

📝 Castle Under Threat
TIL: You cannot castle your king in chess if king's path is under threat

📝 Ugh fields
TIL: What are "ugh fields" and why everyone should atleast know about them.

📝 Opening current terminal command in $EDITOR
TIL: Ctrl+X followed by Ctrl+E opens the command you are currently editing in your $EDITOR program

📝 Google gives refresh token only once
TIL: Google doesn't return refresh token on subsequent authentication after the first one.

📝 JavaScript can "throw" the table
TIL: JavaScript can throw anything

📝 CSS support for browser dark-mode preference
TIL: How to support dark-mode preference of browser via CSS